Full Service Litigation Program

Full-Service Litigation

Fortunately, Summit's collection programs can manage the large majority of accounts. However, there are a small number of accounts that require our full-service litigation program; but only after all other efforts have been completely exhausted.

Our litigation program is designed to handle all necessary litigation claims in an unwavering, firm but professional manner. A licensed private investigator completes a thorough financial investigation on the debtor. In the event of a bankruptcy or insolvency, further due diligence may be performed to determine our next steps. This guarantees that only very qualified cases with probable recovery are referred to an attorney for final collection.

This investigation's outcome will typically yield one of the following:

When legal action is appropriate, we incur any upfront costs, and our affiliated attorneys file a lawsuit and resume the collection process until we encounter a successful resolution. In this situation, the debtor can be held responsible for our fee and you will typically be awarded the entire amount you are due.

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